About Me

{Full Stack} Developer

As a Math & Econ double major from NYU, with a Masters in Economics from Yale, and part-time pursuing a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, I am interested in applying my rigorous training in theoretical frameworks to real-world applications.

With nearly ten years of experience programming in Python, on numerous personal projects and more recently, in professional enterprise settings, I am well versed in all aspects of this amazing programming language. Pandas, Numpy, Scipy and related ML/AI libraries such as TensorFlow / Keras & PyTorch for data analytics and predictions, Django for web development, paired with a solid understanding of web frontend frameworks such as React to ensure seamless integration between functional teams.


For a more detailed view of my experience, checkout my CV.

Working …

As a Team

Together with a handful of exceptionally talented friends, we are able to provide our clients a full suite of services. Be it mobile / web development, data analytics, or tech consulting, our team can help bring your ideas to full-blown products, and be with you every step along the journey!

Learn more at X2 Technology.


Most of my freelancing work is performed through Upwork.com. You can find my profile here. If you’re interested in any potential collaboration, or feel that my expertise may come in handy on one of your projects, I am always happy to have a quick chat to learn more about the opportunities! Feel free to reach out to me personally through the email listed on my github profile.